Pochette de Janette – September edition

September 23, 2015


Last weekend when I got home from Brussels, the new Pochette de Janette had already been waiting for me. Immediately after opening it, I knew that the September edition had a lot to offer! The first item I discovered was the mini Bioderma ‘eau micellaire’, and even though I already knew this product, I’m happy that I now have a small bottle that I can take with me when travelling.

Furthermore I was able to find the following items in this month’s edition:

a free entry to the Aqua Sud – a place I’ve heard so many good things about but haven’t been yet so I’ll definitely check it out

a lovely bracelet by Anne-Marie Herckes – handmade in Luxembourg,

cute socks by Chatty Feed – perfect for the cold seasons ahead

beautifully coloured flash tattoos by Sioou

a bandana for children by JBC (which unfortunately isn’t featured in the pictures as I’ve given it to someone)

an anti-age travel kit by Cattier – at 24 you slowly start thinking about aging, so I’ll give this a go

and the brow buddy by Autour du Regard, which at first I didn’t know what it was – I have never heard of something like this before!! Apparently it helps you to find out if your eyebrows are shaped symmetrically which then helps you to fill them out perfectly.

If you were still hesitant about subscribing to the Pochette de Janette, I’m sure this edition will wipe away all your doubts. In my opinion it’s the best edition so far!


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